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School-Based Health Services

School-Based Health Services
WATCH: In-school health services bring much-needed services within reach for Jasper County School District students.

Wellness Health Services

Nursing Program

The school based health program helps each child achieve and maintain an optimal health condition so maximal physical, emotional, and intellectual growth can occur. Contact Michelle Wright, RN (843) 489-8844 ext. 2 or Seneca Baines at (843) 489-8892 ext. 2100.

 Administration of Medications

School personnel will administer medications only pursuant to district policy and regulation.

No student shall carry medicine in school except for students given permission to do so to guard against a life threatening condition. Permission will be granted only after written permission from a doctor and parent to self medicate. A School Health Services, Self Medicating and/or Self Monitoring form must be completed by the physical, parent/guardian and student. The process also includes Health Care Practitioner Authorization form and other student forms. After careful review by the School Nurse, and the student's parent/legal guardian and physician or legal prescriber, a Health Management Plan must be completed.

Any medication found in a student's possession (except as described above) will be confiscated by school officials. At the principal's discretion, the student may be sent home, a police report made, and disciplinary action taken as stated in JCSD Policy JICH-R (Substance Abuse-Student). Contact Charleen Hodges, RN (843) 489-8844 ext. 2.

Glasscho Hope Wellness Center

School Based Health Center (Click HERE for more information)

The Glasscho Hope Wellness School Based Health Center (SBHC) was established in 1994 as a community outreach to increase access to health care for high risk teens in the Jasper County School district. In 1996, BJHCHS, Inc. began partnering with the Beaufort County School District to offer medical services at the Broad River Elementary.

Over the years the SBHC program has become a vibrant community partnership with the local school districts and has expanded from four hours of medical service per week to currently providing weekly medical, nutrition, and social worker services in nine schools throughout Jasper and neighboring Beaufort County. Services are available at the following schools during regular school hours (*Indicates Dental Clinic at location):

School Based Health services are provided by a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Pediatrician, Registered Dietitian and Licensed Independent Social Worker or Licensed Master’s Social Worker and do not take the place of the family/student’s regular physician, but rather is offered as a convenience to parents while allowing students to remain at school and continue their academic class work. Confidential, comprehensive service is offered at an affordable cost to all students enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school grades. Parental consent is required for students to participate in the program.