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STEM at HJSHS Featured Photo


Hardeeville Junior Senior High School students participated in a STEM model lesson on heat transfer and insulation. Students created a barrier around a container that would reduce heat transfer by decreasing thermal conduction from one object to another. Water was then placed in their containers and the temperature was taken at the starting point and ten minutes later. Temperatures were taken to determine which barrier served as the best thermal insulator by holding heat the longest.
STEM at HES Featured Photo


Students at Hardeeville Elementary School participated in their first STEM Experience lesson focused on the Engineering Design Process and the 4c's. Students learned that we use the engineering design process to solve problems and create solutions. Students were able to work through several problems with their partners and develop designs by using Legos. HES scholars learned that to be successful while creating their design they must communicate, collaborate, be creative, and think critically!
Induction Teacher Institute Featured Photo

Induction Teacher Institute

JCSD Induction teachers participated in their first Induction Teacher Institute for the 23-24 school year. Our teachers participated in an engaging professional development session focused on how to survive teacher burnout during the first year. JCSD Induction teachers participate in the Induction Teacher Institute once a month as a way for gain additional support and systematic structure.
Watch: Join us on a Data Dive! Featured Photo

Watch: Join us on a Data Dive!

Join Dr. Marlyn Westbrook, Jasper County’s Director of Accountability, Assessment, and Professional Development, as she provides insight and context into the 2022-2023 SC Ready, SC Pass Summative Data.


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