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Dual Enrollment

JCSD Dual Enrollment Program


What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual credit courses—whether they are taken at the school where the student is enrolled or at a postsecondary institution—are those courses for which the student has been granted permission by his or her home school to earn both high school units of credit and college credit. One quality point may be added to the CP weighting for dual credit courses that are applicable to baccalaureate or associates degree by accredited institutions per established district articulation agreements (see SBE Regulation 43•234, Defined Program, Grades 9–12, and Graduation Requirements).  S.C. State Regulation requirements are as follows:


  • A three–semester–hour college course transfers as one Carnegie unit of credit.
  • Students enrolled in JCSD Dual Enrollment courses may take only courses that are applicable to baccalaureate degrees or to associate degrees offered by accredited institutions.
  • Tuition costs and any other fees are the responsibility of the student/parent if tuition requirements criteria are not met.

Jasper County School District has established a cooperative agreement with the following institutions:  Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL) and University South Carolina-Beaufort (USCB).


Why is Dual Enrollment important?

  • The purpose of these courses is to allow high school students who are capable of college level work to earn simultaneously both high school credit toward graduation from high school and academic course credit toward either an associate or baccalaureate degree in an institution of higher education.
  • Students who receive college credit while still in high school have a higher likelihood of graduating from high school, are more likely to continue their education after high school and have more success during their first official year of college.


Dual enrollment programs can significantly reduce the time and cost required to pursue      post-secondary education, because students enroll early in courses that will be directly applied to their college transcripts.


TCL Certificate and Associate Degree Program Options

  • General Education Certificate Program
  • CTE options (to be determined)
  • General Education Math & English Core Certificate Program
  • Liberal Arts Core Certificate Program
  • Associate in Arts Program          
  • Associate in Science Program
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Dr. Paula Murphy, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, gives a quick update on the JCSD Dual Enrollment Program and explains how you and your student can save time and money by enrolling in this program.
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