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Superintendent - Dr. Rechel Anderson

July 2019
Dear Jasper County School District Family,
We are elated that you are a member of our Jasper County School District (JCSD) Family! Welcome back to our returning family members and a ‘special’ welcome to our new family members. I hope that you are enjoying a relaxing summer, and one that is full of adventures and great health because you deserve it. It is important to take time to rejuvenate yourself during the summer months because it is a very important aspect of the important work that you do. I am anticipating a new school year full of Accountability, Commitment, Vision, Determination, Vision, Hope and Excitement. As a result, we will commit to the following District-wide Focus Areas for the 2019-2020 school year:
• Cultivating a Positive Culture and Climate,
• Providing On-going Professional Development via the Center for Instructional Quality (CIQ),
• Executing the JCSD Instructional Framework and Multi-Tiered Support Systems (MTSS),
• Effectively Establishing Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Data Teams with Developed and Active Data Walls,
• Continue Expanding STEM/STEAM Initiatives.
Our 2019-2020 theme remains “Student-Centered…Future-Focused!” Our priority continues to be our students; therefore, every decision that is made will be made with our students in mind. We will lead with a ‘sense of urgency,’ operate following a ‘clear direction,’ engage in accountable talk and data-driven decision making, and we will celebrate improved learner outcomes. Our continued focus on teaching and learning will continue through our Center for Instructional Quality (CIQ) with an emphasis on the following new Academic/Programmatic District-wide Initiatives:

• Effective implementation of JCSD Instructional Framework,
• JCSD Multi-tiered Support Systems (MTSS),
• Open Court (Phonics Based Curriculum),
• ALEK Math (Adaptive Online Math Program),
• Achieve 3000 (Online Differentiated English Language Arts Instruction) ,

• Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID),
• Data Teams/Data Walls,
• Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (P.B.I.S.),
• Professional Learning Communities (PLCs),
• Technology Proficiency
• and Continuous Assessment (MAP, Benchmarks).

I am confident in each of you and I appreciate your commitment to our students, district and community. We will continue to get uncomfortable and infuse rigor and relevance in our instructional delivery every day. We will intentionally plan well-articulate instructional lessons, effectively assess our student’s mastery, re-teach our students the concepts that they have not mastered, and remain positive in our interactions with staff and students.
I hope that each of you continue to enjoy the remaining days of summer. Thank you for being a part of our JCSD Family where we are “Student-Centered…Future-Focused!”

Dr. Rechel M. Anderson