Superintendent » Superintendent - Dr. Rechel Anderson

Superintendent - Dr. Rechel Anderson

Greetings Faculty, Staff, Parents, Students and Stakeholders!


Welcome to Jasper County School District where our 2018-2019 theme is “Student-Centered…Future-Focused!”


This year is destined to be filled with many exciting and challenging opportunities! There is a great deal of excitement as we endeavor to provide the best possible balanced educational program for every student who enters our doors. We are committed to having an exceptional academic program in place to provide our students with the resources and opportunities they need to enhance learning and to prepare them for their futures.


Our year will also be shaped by reform efforts to improve our district’s support to schools, a ‘sense of urgency,’ clear direction, accountable talk and actions, and improved learner outcomes. Our continued focus on teaching and learning is paramount so that our students graduate college and career ready. While maintaining the initiatives already in place (Data Teams, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (P.B.I.S.), Continuous Professional Development, Professional Learning Communities, Technology Proficiency), this year we will also focus on the following:


* A high level of accountability

* Instructional Technology

* STEM/STEAM Initiatives

* Executing J.A.G.S (Jasper Academic, Growth Systems)

* Balanced Literacy Platform

* Expansion of JCAP Student Choice Opportunities

* Theme-Based Focus Schools

* Targeted Mental Health

* and School Safety and Cleanliness


We also plan to enhance staff support and development in core content areas, augment individual and small group student support with additional support in the elementary schools. We hope to provide an after-school program with a STEM focus for our middle school students as well as begin pre-planning for state-of-the-art STEMU Labs in our elementary and middle schools.


A special thanks to our community and parents, and the excellence of our teachers, administrators, and support staff for their continued support. We are confident that our schools will become highly successful. As we sharpen our focus and refine curriculum to make it more appropriate, and bring forth even more enrichment and project-based learning for all students, we are confident that we are going beyond the rote memorization of information. We are truly endeavoring to stimulate innovative thinking and to provide our students with the skills they need to embrace real-world problems. As we sharpen our skills and enhance the learning environments within our schools, Jasper County School District will work towards providing a choice of academic paths and varied opportunities for social growth through extracurricular activities that include athletics, clubs, and volunteer work to support a balanced program - one that supports all facets of development. Our schools will offer the finest academic program for all students; a program with robust options allowing students and parents a variety of choices with opportunities to tailor their schedule to meet their needs, interests, and abilities.


As we work together toward our common goal of the success and well-being of our children, I look forward to a wonderful school year and the daily accomplishments of our students and staff. As the year unfolds, I will be in touch regarding our progress and asking your input regarding communication, program, and more.


Again, welcome to Jasper County School District where we are “Student-Centered…Future-Focused!”




Dr. Rechel M. Anderson