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Dual Language Immersion

Hello to parents, students, and community members of Jasper County School District.
It is finally here, the new initiative of Dual-Immersion Program. 
Whether you attend Ridgeland Campus or Hardeeville Campus for Kindergarten, you can take advantage of this program. Your child will be fully immersed in a 50/50 native English-speaking ELA classroom for half the day and native Spanish speaking math, science, social studies for the other half of the day. 
Currently, this program is only available to Kindergarteners during SY 2021-2022. Each year after, the program will expand by one grade level. (First grade begins - SY 2022-2023, Second Grade begins - SY 2023-2024, etc...) 
View the Powerpoint Presentation, in the video below, giving details regarding the Immersion program this upcoming school year 2021-22 at the Hardeeville Campus for our Kindergartners.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please email