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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)

STEM In Jasper County School District



Jasper County School District strives to provide all students with engaging STEM experiences. As a school district with a diverse population of students, we realize the importance of ensuring that our students are exposed to real world concepts and that they acquire STEM skills that will enhance their proficiencies in problem solving, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Our hands on approach to STEM education includes our teachers creating their own STEM curricula which is integrated across all subject areas and are designed to meet the needs of all students.  Our goal is to ensure that STEM is a mindset in Jasper County School District.


By incorporating STEM education, our students have the opportunity to participate in project-based learning, engineering design processes, coding activities, robotics, drone operations, Zspace technology, virtual reality, and our very own STEM bus for additional STEM field experiences. Additionally, our school district has ensured that technology devices are placed in the hands of all students. Students at Ridgeland Secondary Academy of Excellence and Hardeeville Junior Senior High School are provided the opportunity to select from nine STEM based career-based pathways for graduation credit hours. Jasper County School District is committed to increasing student performance by providing student choice and student preference through STEM education.


Jasper County School District has been fortunate enough to add two new additions to ensure efficacy of our STEM program: a STEM Director, and a STEM Specialist. These STEM educators will implement weekly STEM professional development for teachers, assist in enhancing the STEM curriculum, and ensure that all students are exposed to STEM throughout the entire school day. Jasper County School District strives to create a learning environment for all educators and students to continue learning and building their STEM capacity.

Our goal is to receive the Cognia STEM certification for all schools in Jasper County School District beginning with Ridgeland Elementary School. The plan will be to secure the Cognia STEM certification for all other schools in the following order: Hardeeville Elementary School, Hardeeville Junior Senior High School, and Ridgeland Secondary Academy of Excellence.


Jasper County School District has made great strides in enhancing our STEM education program. We strive for continuous improvement and understand that high-quality STEM programs are an on-going process. Our expectation is that our staff members provide our students the best education by giving them the best opportunities!

Please contact Bethany Gray, Director of STEM education in Jasper County Schools for more information. 
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