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International Teachers

Thank you for your interest in teaching in Jasper County Schools! This posting is for international candidates interested in entering the district on an international teaching license for the 2023-2024 academic year. If you have applied, completed an interview, and have been recommended for a position within the district by a hiring manager or building administrator, our HR Generalist can share information on the steps to gaining a Visa, achieving certification, and completing the necessary paperwork for hire with the district.


To be legally able to work for Jasper County Schools, there are three items that must be obtained:


  • A SC Teaching License (issued by the SC Department of Education);
  • A Work Authorization (Visa) (issued by USA with support from attorneys); and
  • A signed contract (issued by Jasper County School Human Resources Team)


The document below will assist you in obtaining all three.

Special Praxis Exam Note for International Candidates

  • Please be sure you are taking the most appropriate exam. Once your course-by-course evaluation is uploaded to the SC Educator Portal, please communicate with the HR Generalist for assistance with the proper exam if you are not sure. 
  • Educators do not have to have a Social Security Number although the PRAXIS site suggests you need one due to the statement “results may be delayed”. However, as long as educators use the SCDE code (8108), the SCDE will receive the results.

Additional Links of Interest

Social Security Numbers

To obtain a Social Security Card: Please read through the instructions on the application to apply for a Social Security Card which can be found here:  Please fill out this entire application either electronically and then print it or print it and complete the application in blue or black ink.  

Take this completed application and the following documents listed below to the Social Security office nearest to you once you are in the U.S, you can search Social Security offices using this website: but the closest Social Security Office to Jasper County School District’s Main office is located at:  646 ROBERT SMALLS PKW, BEAUFORT, SC 29906 their phone number is: 1-866-254-3316.

Here are the documents you will need to bring with you:

  • Your current passport with H1B visa stamp
  • Your form I-94 which can be retrieved here: **do not print this until you are in the US and at this time also ensure all information on the I94 is correct**
  • Your I797 H1B Approval Notice
Bank Accounts
Please note that all employees must have direct deposit of biweekly pay. Below are the institutions that do not require account holders to have a social security number. Please note that you may choose the financial institution of your choice. These institutions are listed because they do not require a social security number to open an account. Once your account is opened, please request a direct deposit form and submit the form to the HR Generalist. 
South State Bank is able to set up your checking and/or savings account without your social security number. You will need to go into one of the bank branches. You must have with you:
  • Two forms of picture ID:
      • your passport
      • another form of picture ID such as a driver's license or birth certificate
  • $25 to open a checking account and/or $50 to open a savings account.
Please note that you will leave the branch with a debit card. If you have no social security number and desire to set up online banking, you will need to set it up at the branch.
SouthState Bank is currently offering a earn $200 promotion. Please see this link for more information or ask a member of the team at the branch. Link: Earn $200 When Opening a New Checking Account | SouthState Bank
TRUIST Bank is also able to set up a checking account without a social security number. You will need to go into one of the bank branches. You will need to bring your:
  • Passport
  • DS2019 Form and/or H1B Approval Letter 
  • $50 to open a checking account.
For special assistance or questions, you may speak with Demetrius Adams, TRUIST Senior Relationship Banker at the Pooler, GA location (140 Pooler Parkway, GA 31322). Email: [email protected].