Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. How are sick, vacation, and personal leave calculated?

Accumulations for sick leave are as follows:

  • 180-195 day employees accumulate 1.3333 days per month = 12 days per year
  • 200-210 day employees accumulate 1.30 days per month = 13 days per year
  • 220 day employees accumulate 1.2727 days per month = 14 days per year
  • 240 day employees accumulate 1.25 days per month = 15 days per year


Accumulations for annual leave (240 employees) are as follows:

  • After one year                                two weeks --- accumulation of .8333 monthly
  • After 3 consecutive years              three weeks --- accumulation of 1.25 monthly
  • After 15 consecutive years            four weeks --- accumulation of 1.666 monthly

**Accumulations are earned at the end of each month.  

Personal leave: ***Out of your accumulated sick leave two (2) days may be used in any one fiscal year. Personal leave days are listed separately from sick days.  However, both sick and personal time is deducted from the SAME available sick leave balance.  If you need sick leave or personal leave you have not earned, you must take that leave without pay.

Bereavement leave: ***Up to three (3) days is given to each employee for the death of immediate family members.  Immediate family members are defined as spouse, son, son-in-law, stepson, daughter, daughter-in-law, stepdaughter, mother, mother-in-law, stepmother, father, father-in-law, stepfather, sister, sister-in-law, stepsister, brother, brother-in-law, stepbrother, grandparents, grandchildren, guardian and ward or other relative living in the household at the time of death.

2. How do I request leave from work?

Everyone must submit a leave request through the Absent Management System when absent from work for illness, family emergencies, vacation (for those who work year-round), personal leave, jury duty, professional development, etc.  Leave forms are to be signed by employees and submitted to supervisors for approval.  FMLA should be requested thru Human Resources Department.

3. How do I stop, add, or change any payroll deductions?

To stop or change a deduction the appropriate department must be contacted. Health, Dental, Life, and Fringes for Life, Annuities must be done in the Human Resources/Benefits Department.

4. How is the amount of my paycheck calculated?

Every year, the District establishes a new salary schedule. The new salaries cover the period of July 1 through June 30th of each school year.  Once new salaries are final, we adjust the pay record to reflect the new salary.

For salaried/hourly employees:

If you start at the beginning of the contract year, your annual contract amount is divided by 26 paychecks to reach your bi-weekly payroll amount. For example: 1st year teacher salary of $34,000/26 = $1,307.69 gross pay bi-weekly. 

Hourly employees are paid for the number of hours actually worked, times the hourly rate established for their position. For example, 185-day worker per year at 8.00 hours per day at a rate of $9.00 per hour.  The daily rate times the number of days worked equals annual salary; divided by 26 paychecks to reach your bi-weekly gross pay ($72.00/ 185 days= $13,320.00 divided by 26 paychecks =$512.31 bi-weekly gross).

If you start after the beginning of the contract year, you are considered a late start.  Your annual contract amount is prorated based on the number of days you will actually work in the year, and then divided by the number of paychecks left to be received in the year.

Example: 1st-year teacher, starts on 10/1, for a total of 157 contract days.  Annual salary is $34,000 for full 190-day contract.  Bi-weekly gross pay is calculated thus:

$34,000/190 days = $178.95 daily rate x 157 actual contract days = $28,095.15 adjusted contract salary.  $28,095.15 is divided by the total number of paychecks yet to be paid in the year.  If the employee started 10/1, there would be 23 paychecks remaining.  $28,095.15/23 = $1,221.53 gross pay bi-weekly. 

5. Is Direct Deposit Available?
Jasper County School District is a mandatory direct deposit entity.  All employees must sign up for direct deposit for bi-weekly pay.  Direct Deposit forms can be found in the Finance Office at the Jasper County School District Office or on the Jasper County School District website (  Please fill out the ACH deposit form and attached voided check.  (Forms will not be accepted without attachments (ACH form, voided check and/or bank enrollment form).

If changing banks, the above will apply.  Be sure to check your next several check stubs for accuracy.  If you close your bank account for any reason, inform the payroll department immediately to stop your direct deposit.  If a direct deposit is sent to a closed account, the net pay will not be reissued until the funds are returned to the District’s bank. You can also log onto the Employee Self Service portal to make this change.

Verification of income forms are completed by the Human Resources Department.  Verification forms will not be returned to the employee.  The forms will be mailed and/or faxed to the requesting organization, such as a mortgage company or Department of Children and Families.  

As with late start employees, employees who terminate or go on unpaid leave will have their annual contract amount prorated down to the number of contract days they actually worked. 

*Terminate = Reduced contract amount minus amount paid to date = contract due amount.

 If contract due amount is positive, that amount is paid to employee.  If contract amount is negative, the employee must reimburse the district.

When an employee returns to work from leave, leave balances are adjusted to reflect what was actually earned in the year. Leave balances are adjusted when an employee terminates or goes out on leave.  The adjustments are based on the amount of leave EARNED prior to the employee leaving the district or taking unpaid leave.

If you change your name or address, please fill out the Universal Name and Address Change Form.  These forms are located in the Finance Office at the Jasper County School District Office or on the Jasper County School District website (  (Note: Please verify name, address & social security number etc. on pay stub for accuracy).  You can also log onto the Employee Self Service portal to make this change.

  1. Once certification changes, we adjust the pay record to reflect the new salary for the remainder of the year and process “back pay” or retro pay (if appropriate), for any time period already paid (See example below).
  2. Visit the Human Resources Office to check your years of experience and certification type (if appropriate) In the PCS      System. With that information in- hand check with the Payroll Office to ensure that you are currently being paid on the years of experience as noted on your Teaching Certification.
  3. If you are a classified employee, check directly with the Payroll Office.


EXAMPLES ONLY:  1st year teacher’s annual salary is $32,000 with a bi-weekly gross of $1,230.77.  The new salary for 1st year teacher is $34, 000 with a semi-monthly of $1,307.69.  As was discussed in other sections, late start individuals have their annual salary adjusted or prorated for the number of contract days actually worked.  However, during the retro process, the program has several different ways it must look at that employee. 

The employee would receive a new bi-weekly amount of $1,307.69 plus a lump sum payment of the difference between the old bi-weekly and the new bi-weekly times the number of payrolls already paid.  [I.e. $1,307.69-1,230.77] x 4 = $307.68

If you are a classified employee, check directly with the Payroll Office.

All figures used in the examples are fictitious and are for illustrative purposes only.  

A W-4 form is an IRS tax withholding form that every employee is required to complete and return to payroll.  By completing the form, the employee indicates how much Federal Income tax they wish to have withheld from their paychecks.  The W-4 is a legal document.  Employees should make sure to complete it accurately and completely.  The social security number and name on the W-4 form must match the social security card of the employee.  Employees must change the W-4 form if they have a change of status, such as marriage, divorce, or additional dependents.  Employees claiming exempt on the W-4 (no tax withheld) are required to complete a new W-4 form annually.

A retirement deduction of 9.00% will be withheld from gross earnings. All Retirement contributions will be deferred for Federal and State income tax purposes until you withdraw your funds.