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Direct Services

Accounts Payable: The Finance Office pays all invoices for goods and services. Accounts Payable staff verify each invoice, through the appropriate procurement and purchasing processes prior to payment.

Payroll: The Finance Office is responsible for the regular payroll, all supplemental payrolls, payroll deductions, direct deposits, and other functions related to payroll. The payroll department also processes submission of State Retirement contributions, State and Federal taxes, and reports required by local, state, and federal agencies and offices.

Procurement: The Finance Office manages the acquisition of all goods and services for the Jasper County School District and its member schools and programs.

Accounting: The Finance Office is responsible for implementing adequate accounting procedures that record, in detail, all financial transactions in accordance with the South Carolina State Department of Education's Financial Accounting Handbook, the Jasper County School District's Financial Manual, and other accounting documents that may accompany grant programs and projects.

Budgeting: The Finance Office ensures that the District's funds are distributed through annual budgets that reflect the fiscal priorities of the Jasper County Board of Education.

Auditing: The Jasper County School District is audited by an independent certified public accountant as required by South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 59-17-100, and provides a copy of the annual audit to the South Carolina Department of Education.  Audits are also posted on the Finance Office webpage.


Support Services

Employee Benefits: Employee benefits are managed by the Human Resources Office.The Benefits Officer works with our employees regarding their retirement and benefits information, including health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and other benefits. The Finance Office manages the fiscal accounting, including the appropriate payroll deductions and reporting.

Grants: The Finance Office assists staff with grant applications, monitors program budgets, monitors claims for expenditure reimbursement, provides reports to the appropriate funding sources and manages audit work required by local, state, and federal agencies and offices.

Pupil Activity: The Pupil Activity Funds account for monies related to extra-curricular activities sponsored by the School District and are managed at the individual schools. The Finance Office pays all Pupil Activity Fund invoices through the General Fund with charge back to the appropriate Pupil Activity Fund accounts. The Finance Office also helps the schools reconcile their Pupil Activity Fund accounts.