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Dr. Anderson Participates in Discussion on Mental Health

Kudos to our Superintendent, Dr. Rechel Anderson. Dr. Anderson had an opportunity to share with many professionals how mental health and the school's environment play a part in the overall well-being of students.

Continue to soar, Dr. Anderson, and represent JCSD in all arenas with excellence!

Hardeeville Junior Senior High (HJSH) Beta Club Canned Food Drive

The Hardeeville Junior Senior High (HJSH) Beta Club collects canned goods. As of Friday November 4, 2022, 478 cans were collected. This is the Beta Club's first canned food drive of the season. HJSH Beta Club will donate to the local food pantry prior to Thanksgiving Week! Way to go HJSH Beta Club! Lead by example in a POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE way!

Bright Ideas Awards

Congratulations to our Bright Ideas Award winners from Ridgeland Secondary Academy of Excellence, Ridgeland Elementary School and the JCSD CATE Staff!

JCSD Implements eLearning Due to Possibility of Hazardous Weather from Tropical Storm Nicole

The National Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm warning for our area as Hurricane Nicole is forecasted to affect the area. The forecast predicts the potential for high winds, heavy rain, and the possibility of flash flooding.
To ensure the safety of all, students will remain home and participate, during school hours, via eLearning, tomorrow, Thursday, November 10, 2022, and Friday, November 11, 2022.

JCSD Partners with Taco Bell

JCSD is pleased to partner with Taco Bell as a Unified Community Partner!

Please welcome Taco Bell, located in Hardeeville, as a Unified Community Partner with Jasper County School District.

Manger, Troy Garvin, is happy to be involved with JCSD's Program.

The restaurant will host students in Ms. Whittle’s class during the month of November. The students will be learning to place an order and use their math skills.

JCSD is very excited to move forward with these wonderful functional communication skills within our community. We are looking forward to working with Taco Bell and Mr. Garvin more in the future.

Celebrating Scholars

Congratulations to ALL the Scholars who were celebrated during the Awards Ceremony for performing at and/or above grade level on state assessments.

We are so proud of you and your focus on your academic accomplishments and success.

A special KUDOS to our professional educators who also had at least 35% or more of their students perform at and/or above grade level on state assessments.

The following staff members are to be commended as follows:

Specialists and/or Professional Educators with 50% or Higher Meets & Exceeds Class Performance:

Ms. Tenika Evans - 8th Grade Algebra I EOC (70%)
Ms. Nyree Simmons - ELA (83%), Science (50%), and Math (50%)
Mr. Kelly Thornton - Math (64%)
Ms. Amanda Priestley - ELA (59%) and Science (59%)
Ms. Lasonyya Chisolm-Priester - ELA (50%)

Professional Educators with 35% - 49% Meets & Exceeds Class Performance:

Ms. Walisha Baines - English II (45%)
Ms. Nicole Parker - English II (40%)
Ms. Amanda Priestley - Math (36%)
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