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Use of School Facilities

Jasper County School District Facility Usage Procedures:


1. Applications for facility usage can be found on the District’s website www.jcsd.net

2. All applications should be submitted to the building level administrator for approval.

3. Once the application has been approved, it should then be routed to the Finance Office for fee schedules, insurance certificate submission (if applicable), and payment.

NOTE: The applicable fees will include a $50 non-refundable fee for room use and $75 non-refundable fee for athletic facility use.

***After-hour events will require mandatory hiring of custodians and security. Hourly rates are noted on the application.

4. The Finance staff will coordinate with SSC for usage needs and place the event on the calendar.


Important Information:


Purpose: To establish the basic structure for community use of school facilities on a short – term basis. Any extended use of the facilities must be negotiated with the board.


As a service to the community, the board will allow responsible and properly organized community groups to use school facilities in keeping with the following general policies:


• The board provides public school facilities through the use of taxpayers’ funds collected for educational purposes.

• Use of school facilities by the schools and by school-related organizations takes precedence over all other uses.

• Requests by local agencies and by other agencies/organizations for the use of facilities for educational purposes take priority over other requests for the use of facilities.

· The board restricts the use of facilities to recognized nonprofit community organizations. The board will not rent any building or part thereof to an individual or group for private or corporate gain, except when the activity is considered to be a desired part of the school curriculum and the school does not offer the activity in its curriculum. This would include activities such as music lessons, art lessons, and dance lessons. Both the principal of the school and the superintendent must approve any such use or rental where a profit could be realized.

• No school district employee will be allowed to use the facilities for personal use or profit.

• The use of a school building, facility or other school property for any non-school purpose must not interfere with the school program.

• Some city and county activities may use some facilities without charge upon approval of the principal and


• Organizations using school facilities are responsible for the proper conduct of all persons attending the event, for providing police protection if needed, for immediate restoration of school property in the event of any damage and for all liabilities of all persons in attendance. The District will set forth all terms in a contract that an official representative of the organization must sign.

• The administration will set a schedule of fees that takes into consideration the purpose of the event. Fees will be sufficient to cover operational expenses and a reasonable amount for overhead.

• When school facilities are used by non-school persons, a school employee must be present while the facility is in use. The employee’s services will be paid for by the group using the facility.

• Non-School groups wishing to use any school kitchen must have members of the kitchen staff from that particular school present.

JCSD Facilities Use Application


The administration may establish detailed administrative rules pertaining to public use of school facilities in keeping with this policy. However, the board will not allow groups to use school facilities if they advocate unconditional or illegal acts or if their activities are contrary to the best interests of the public schools or to the educational welfare of its schools.

• The board will not allow groups to use school facilities when the proposed function presents an obvious danger to the safety of persons and property.

• The board directs the administration to seek board approval prior to administrative action in any case of doubt.

• No alcoholic drinks will be sold, distributed or used on school property at any time by anyone.

This administrative rule is in addition to the use of school facilities policy as adopted by the board.

• All non-public school groups must submit an application for permission to use a school facility 14 calendar days prior to first date of building use. District personnel must be present at every event to supervise the building.

• The Parent-Teacher Association, school service clubs, Boys and Girls Scout troops, and professional teacher

organizations will need only the approval of the principal of the school and will not be required to file a formal

application. The principal will record and report such use to the superintendent.

• Individuals and church groups requesting the use of facilities for memorials are limited to the use of the school

auditorium. A fee will be charged for the use of this facility. Any added expenses incurred by the district will be

paid to the district by the individual or church group.

• All buildings must be closed at 12 midnight after evening activities.

• The building principal must recommend the application before it is forwarded to the superintendent and finance officer.

• All applications for the extended use (more than three days) of school facilities for religious and political purposes will be referred to the board for approval prior to and confirmation of dates. (Regular meetings of the board are held the second Monday of each month).

• The building and grounds must be left in the same condition as they were prior to the use of school facilities. The user will be responsible for any damages other than normal wear and tear of buildings, equipment, and facilities.

• If the use of any school-owned equipment is requested, it must be operated by an individual who has been

approved by the principal of the school.

• No alcoholic beverages, including beer, tobacco or other drugs of any kind are permitted on school premises at

any time.

• Tables must be covered with paper or tablecloths.

• The applicant must be present until everyone has left the school (premises, building).

Under no circumstances will the district be liable for injuries sustained by any person.


The district will not grant any request that interferes with school use of facilities and school grounds.

District Events Form:

Non-district events form:
Submit the application below; for external applicants