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Digital Platform Coordinator

​Roles and Responsibilities
  • Conducts faculty/staff/student development in the areas of technology integration​
  • Collaborate with and model for teachers and other instructional staff to develop curriculum materials and specific lesson plans that integrate technology.​
  • Works with the Director of Technology, principals, and school leadership to provide access to technology resources and services​
  • Assist with planning the design of technology infrastructure so that information resources are continually available to the school community​
  • Prepares and submits accurate reports as required ​
  • Leads in the ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the instructional technology program 
  • District lead for the JCSD Strategic Plan
Safari Montage - The Instruction Hub
The Instruction Hub, South Carolina's Learning Object Repository (LOR), is a central comprehensive digital library for all teachers to access high-quality, effective resources aligned to the SC College-and-Career Readiness Standards. The Hub will be populated with lesson plans and units that will be made available to teachers next school year and for years to come.
Plan of Action Overview

The goal of the Digital Platform Specialist is to introduce, provide support, and ensure JCSD is actively engaged with The South Carolina Department of Education's implementation of the state-wide SAFARI Montage - Learning Object Repository (LOR) – Instruction Hub which will provide resources for improved teaching and learning and increased rigor.  Our foci for the year will be to:​

◆ Use the Impact Cycle as a model for digging into the Instruction Hub with teachers ​

◆ Plan for implementation with a team (1st Quarter and 2nd Quarters), schoolwide (3rd and 4th Quarters), and district-wide (4th Quarter)​

◆ Explore resources to aid in small group instruction, usage of the rotational model, cooperative learning, and to increase rigor [thinking] within daily lessons​

◆ Learn the Chalk Talk Protocol and other 21st Century engagement activities to process and network 

Steps to Success

  1. Review each school's improvement plan with an emphasis on instruction and infusion of technology by July 2023 to determine individual schools' needs.​
  2. Review each school's State report card (upon release)​
  3. Meet with Principals and then their administrative teams to plan a course of action for each school's implementation for the 2023-2024 school year​
  4. Observe each school's pilot group of teachers and provide feedback throughout the 1st Quarter; Develop CIQ sessions for the pilot groups to present to their colleagues for schoolwide implementation for 2nd and 3rd Quarter​
  5. Observe each school's implementation and provide feedback provided to administrators throughout the 2nd and 3rd Quarters. Recommendations will be provided for implementation with fidelity.​
  6. During the 4th Quarter, update and finalize the district strategic plan for the 24-25 school year for continued implementation.​
  7. Provide digital platform coaching services based on school needs throughout the 2023 – 2024 school year.
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