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Payroll refers to the process by which employees receive their salary.


Payroll is primarily responsible for the preparation of payroll checks and direct deposit advices for all Jasper County School District employees. The Payroll Officer processes bi-weekly payroll runs (every other Friday); which include pay schedules, salaries, supplements, payments for extra duties, payments for special assignments and reimbursements. Payroll handles wage deductions such as child support, wage garnishments, student loans and tax levies.  Maintain recordkeeping, records paperwork/edits employee files with reliability of pay data from Soft Docs-Doe Fill, Smart Fusion, and Absence Management; along with handling Substitute Reporting for payment of substitute’s teacher, bus drivers and vacancies – (Import/Export data on attendance). Other services include:

1. Define types of pay

2. Define types of leave

3. Define deductions

4. Accrue employee leaves types

5. Enter and track usage of leave

6. Maintain for each employee month, quarter, calendar, and fiscal year information

7. Complete and submit payroll information to organizations including, but not limited to, the Internal Revenue Service (941), Social Security Administration, SC Employment Security Commission, Multiple Worksite, SC Retirement System, SC Department of Revenue W2’s and Workman’s Comp.

8. Post Payroll information to the general ledger and accruals

9. First Steps

10. Employee Self Services - for more information select Employee Self Service in the right column.

For additional payroll information, please contact Alessia Broadwater at  ext. 1104.