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Math Curriculum Content Specialist

Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 School Year! 

Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 school year! The math department at both campuses did a wonderful job with improving math teaching and learning. We are making great gains in math, and the plan is to continue the upward trend. The goal is to make Jasper County School District a premier school district within the state of South Carolina.
Professional Learning Opportunities
Professional learning opportunities are offered to teachers and schools at the request of building-level administrators. The PLOs offered this school year are listed below. PLOs can be catered to fit the needs of teachers and schools. 
Math Support Documents 
The SC Department of Education provides math support documents to assist with planning and instruction. All support documents have a suggested scope and sequence. JCSD's curriculum documents are slightly different, but the standards are still the same. Use the support documents to get additional support with making sense of the standards, get ideas on how to teach the standards, and tasks/activities to support student learning. 
To access your grade level, scroll down to "SCCCR-M." Click on your grade level support document. The standards at the top of the page are the new standards that we're not using this school year. The link to the page is below. 
South Carolina Test Blueprints for the 2023-2024 School Year 
According to the SC Department of Education,
"The test blueprint for each subject specifies the total number of points on each grade-level test, as well as the approximate number of points per reporting category or domain. Reporting categories group similar standards within each content area. Each reporting category classifies a student’s performance as “Low,” “Middle,” or “High.” This classification is based on the subset of items that assesses the reporting category. The possible number of items for each reporting category can be found in the test blueprint." Retrieved from Test Blueprints - South Carolina Department of Education - 09/22/2023 10:02 AM (
Click the links below to see the mathematics blueprints by test and grade levels. 
Math Strategies for Multilingual Learners (MLLs)
To support our MLL students, the OIS team created a list of researched-based strategies to support students in their math classrooms. To access the document and additional links in the document, click the pdf below. Mrs. Dawn Thayer, the Multilingual Learner Coordinator, provides monthly professional development on supporting ML students in the classroom. For more information regarding our ESOL program, MLL students, and strategies to support MLLs, visit her page at ESOL – ESOL – Jasper County School District (  
January 2, 2024 Professional Development Day 
When we return from the winter break, educators will spend part of their day in professional development sessions. For math, educators will spend their day as follows:
  • Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: SC Department of Education - Literacy and Math 
  • 3rd - 8th Grade: JCSD Math Specialists - 2nd Semester Planning 
  • High School: Math Nation 
For 3rd - 8th grade educators, the following documents are needed: 
All events will take place on the Ridgeland campus, and the day begins promptly at 8:00 AM. 
JCSD Curriculum and Pacing Guides for Teachers
Family-Friendly Math Standards (Click the Buttons) 
Math Resources and Information
Math Process Standards 
1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them 
2. Reason both contextually and abstractly 
3. Use critical thinking skills to justify mathematical reasoning and critique the reasoning of others
4. Connect mathematical ideas and real-world situations through modeling 
5. Use a variety of mathematical tools effectively and strategically
6. Communicate mathematically and approach mathematical situations with precision 
7. Identify and utilize structure and patterns