Welcome to the Early Learning & Literacy Department

Early Learning & Literacy Mission Statement

Jasper County School District's Early Learning & Literacy Department ensures that children enter kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed. This is accomplished through high quality preschool programs and support services in partnership with South Carolina Department of Education, Beaufort-Jasper EOC, SC Department of Social Services, Title I and other partners in the community.

Early learning in Jasper County School District is a continuum of service that targets children from PreK through 2nd grade. The goal is to provide high quality services through a comprehensive continuum that meet unique learner needs and promote early learning success for all students served.


The Early Learning Programs of Jasper County School District have a firm commitment to quality programming that recognizes, respects, and honors the individuality of each child and their families. Developmentally appropriate and culturally diverse experiences are integrated into all components of the curriculum ensuring an atmosphere of acceptance for developing feelings of self-worth, dignity, and ethnic pride. The preschool programs provide abundant opportunities for young children to grow personally, socially and to become more effective learners.