Innovation at its Best: District unveils State of the Art STEM U Labs

Students, staff members, business partners, and stakeholders were filled with excitement as they waited for the unveiling of the district’s new STEM “iNoVaTe” Labs. The STEM U “iNoVaTe” © Lab project is one of the many initiatives introduced by Superintendent Dr. Rechel Anderson, upon her arrival to the Jasper County School District. Earlier this week, Ridgeland Elementary, Hardeeville Elementary, and Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle School conducted its STEM U “iNoVaTe” Lab Grand Opening and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony.


The ceremony included a ribbon cutting at each STEM “iNoVaTe” Lab site, in which a fantastic STEM U mural was also unveiled. After entering the new state of the art STEM “iNoVaTe” Labs, Mr. Christopher Williams, Director of Partnership Development for STEM U, provided the audience with a brief overview of the countless options of each component in the lab, participants engaged in brief STEM U hands-on activities, and STEM U partners conducted brief, detailed demonstrations. While physically, mentally, and visually engaging the audience, each STEM U business partner was able to share information about a few of the technology-based sections of the lab such as the MimoSpace Wall, Hovercam, Audio Visual Technology, Virtual Reality laptop activities, and NAO Robotics Video.


The STEM “iNoVaTe” Lab is an accurate display of the district’s motto “Student-Centered…Future-Focused”. The STEM lab consists of components that will encourage students to be forward thinkers. At a minimum, many of the projects are designed for students to exercise critical thinking, creativeness, conflict resolution, collaboration, individualization, and many of the innovative skills students need to be successful in our global economy.


Superintendent Dr. Rechel Anderson was enthused about presenting the STEM U initiative at the beginning of the school year. Her goal was to incorporate STEM integrated with Project-Based Learning throughout the entire district, via daily classwork, after-school programs, and more. Superintendent Anderson stated, “STEM provides our students with hands-on, Innovative, and engaging instruction that is applicable in all content areas. It’s a creative and rigorous opportunity that engages learners and differentiates instruction. We look forward to our students continuing to embrace learning creatively while enhancing their skill set”.


Williams has worked diligently with district staff members and his business partners of Power Up EDU, Troxell Communications, zSpace, and Spartanburg Community College to create the amazing STEM “iNoVaTe” Labs. Williams stated “STEM provides opportunities for all scholars to be successful. It allows for challenge and academic achievers to collaborate while working towards solving problems. STEM is in everything we do why not provide an environment that allows scholars to not only think outside the box, but redesign and program the box”.


Many of Jasper County stakeholders were present to witness the grand event; the audience and participants for the ceremony included the Jasper County School Board of Education members, elected officials from Ridgeland and Hardeeville council, STEM U partners, JCSD employees, students, district business partners, district wide volunteers, and community members.


The members of the audience were not only amazed by the visuals but also the endless possibilities afforded to the JSCD students through the STEM “iNoVaTe” Labs. 


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