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Welcome to the Food Service Department

Welcome to School Food Services!

Welcome to Jasper County Schools Food Services! We'd like to give you a few details about our program and how it serves our students, parents and community. First, know that our school board and superintendent place a high priority on serving our students the most nutritious meals possible, with really adequate portions for growing brains and bodies. We follow USDA regulations and state guidelines in our Child Nutrition Program and in many instances go beyond their standards. 

New for the 2014-2015 school year.........NO MEAL APPLICATIONS ARE REQUIRED.     Based on USDA guidelines, districts/schools with more than 62 percent of all students directly certified may be classified as Community Eligible, meaning all students are allowed to eat school meals at no cost to families.  Directly certified is where the State Office of Nutrition Programs matches student enrollment records with state level DSS records for possible matches.  This match creates a directly certified listing of students by county, district and school.  Jasper County School District has 63.5 percent of all students directly certified.  Using these numbers and other guideline information, all students in the Districe are allowed to receive school meals at no cost.

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our site, like our kitchens, is always cooking.  Please visit us often to see what we are "cooking up"!! 

See you at lunch!

JCSD is an equal opportunity provider.