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Office of Curriculum and Instruction

The Division of Curriculum and Instruction seeks to provide rigorous and relevant standards, quality instructional resources and online professional learning materials that will help teachers and instructional leaders prepare students for high school graduation and post-secondary college and career opportunities.

Our educational focus is to close the achievement gap and together forge a-new day and a new way that will afford every child an opportunity through rigorous teaching and ongoing learning.

The Curriculum Team believes that home to school and school to home bridges the achievement gap to learning. 


 District Title I Plan

Hardeeville Elementary - Title I Schoolwide Plan

Ridgeland Elementary - Title I Schoolwide Plan

Hardeeville Ridgeland Middle - Title I Schoolwide Plan

Ridgeland Hardeeville High  - 2015 School Renewal Plan


For more information about the JCSD curriculum please contact;

Dr. Arthur Holmes – Chief Officer of Human Resources and Administrative Services -

Mr. Robert Candillo  Executive Director of Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Projects - 843-489-8892 - 

Dr. Christy Thompson  Executive Director of Secondary Schools and Alternative Programs - 843-489-8892 -  

Mrs. Albertha Johnson-Mikell  Administrative Assistant - Division of Curriclulum - 843-489-8892 x1302 -