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Labor of Love: Million Father March 2017 » “Labor of Love”: Fathers Committed to Education

“Labor of Love”: Fathers Committed to Education

Fathers, uncles, brothers, and many male participants were present to show their support to the school district’s Labor of Love event. The Labor of Love: Million Father March was a special day dedicated to males in the Jasper County schools, to commit to increasing their presence in schools.  The staff and students were overjoyed to see the male participants willingness to take an active role in the students’ educational well-being.


Each school created an event outline. Some events included a tour of the school site, breakfast, activities, meetings, door prizes, and more.  In most cases, participants were invited to share breakfast with their child and meet with school staff. They received a list of volunteer service areas available at the school site. Before exiting the session, participants informed the staff members of how they could assist by volunteering hours of service at the school for the remainder of the year.


Most of the participants were excited as this was one of the district-wide events held to promote the male presence in the schools.  Staff members were delighted as several fathers displayed interest in volunteering at multiple school sites. 


Wanda McAllister, the principal of Hardeeville Elementary, said: “this event was a major success; with our overflow of participants, we are planning to host another event to maximize future volunteer service possibilities.”


The Hardeeville Elementary, Ridgeland Elementary, Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle, and Ridgeland-Hardeeville High schools send heartfelt thanks, all participants who were present and to everyone who made this event successful.

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