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Medicaid Adolescences Pregnancy Prevention

The Office of Student Services plays an important role in cultivating the student psychologically as well.

The Medicaid Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (MAPPS) is designed to educate in- school adolescents (and their families) about the consequences of teen parenting. The program is intended to help participants become self sufficient upon completion of their schooling. MAPPS focuses upon youth ages 10 - 18 whose families are Medicaid eligible. Participants must be in school. The program concentrates on self-esteem, sexually transmitted diseases, decision making, peer/social pressures, risk of early sexual involvement, good communication, goal setting and human sexuality.

Education and preventive endeavors must gravitate toward the expansion of life options and the development of character, values and self-esteem for students. Contact person is Ericka Gordon at (843) 489-8892 ext. 2102 or Joann Alvin at (843) 489-8892 ext. 2101.