Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

What Is the CPI?

The Crisis Prevention Institution, CPI, is an international organization that delivers training and certification programs in crisis prevention. It offers specializations in nonviolent crisis intervention, dementia care, and workplace violence prevention. The CPI serves the needs of professionals who need to deal with emotionally distraught, disruptive, or violent people. There are no prerequisites to complete the training.

CPI is an approved program in the state of South Carolina for use in school for de-escalating behavior and physical restraint.


What Training Is Offered?

The Jasper County School District offers nonviolent crisis intervention training designed to teach best practices for managing difficult situations and disruptive behaviors.  Staff members learn how to identify at-risk individuals and use nonverbal and verbal techniques to defuse hostile or belligerent behavior. They also learn how to control their fear and anxiety in a crisis and avoid injury when a crisis becomes physical. Staff members are taught how to respond to a variety of situations.


CPI - Crisis Prevention Institute


District Certified Instructors

Dr. Meredith Cooler, Senior Instructor
Mrs. Paige Elmore, Associate Instructor