Medical Homebound

Home bound instruction is defined as teaching that:

  • is offered to the student who has an acute or chronic medical condition that prevents him or her from attending classes at school.
  • is conducted by an individual who hold a South Carolina Teacher's certificate

Students who cannot attend school because of illness, accident, or pregnancy are eligible for homebound or hospitalized instruction. A licensed physician must certify that such a medical condition exists identify that the student is unable to attend school, and complete the medical homebound application that the Jasper County School district requires. 


The intent of medical homebound instruction is to keep the student connected to his or her regular curriculum until the time when his or her return to the classroom setting is possible.  The ultimate goal is transition back into the school environment as soon as possible. 




The district superintendent must approve any student participating in a program of homebound instruction or hospitalized instruction or his/her designee on standardized forms provided by the State Department of Education. The district must maintain all approved forms for documentation. Once approved, the student is eligible for homebound instruction. 


Please call, Audrea Lowe at (843) 489-8892, Ext. 1302 for more information.