District Teacher of the Year » 2018-2019 District Teacher of the Year-Lucille Kannick

2018-2019 District Teacher of the Year-Lucille Kannick

Lucille Kannick

CATE Teacher at Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School


Words from our Teacher of the Year...


My philosophy in teaching simply is that all students can learn, however, not at the same

pace or level. My belief is that teaching is educating one to be productive citizens while

mastering a skill that leads one to become good at what they do. Teaching is helping one to find

his or her niche in life and I believe that is my responsibility to aid the one being taught with this

achievement. I believe teaching a calling, a gift. The same avenue in which a preacher is called

to preach, I believe a good teacher is also a called.


Even though teaching was not my initial career choice, I believe it is my calling. We

may detour or take an alternate route, however, if it is in the Master’s plan it will come to pass. I

may have taken an alternate route, but I have arrived. I do believe that I am educating our

students and changing their mindset. I believe I emulate for my students the positive traits of a

teacher. I hold students accountable for their education as I develop a positive relationship with all

students. I show no partialities.


The rewards in teaching are simply seeing the light bulb come on when a new strategy or

standard been taught, and it is applicable to life and students find the relevancy. My greatest

reward is when a student or a parent share their financial achievement, either spending less

and/or budgeting and saving. The act of them opening an emergency saving account trills me. I

believe if I teach them now, life can be sustainable without financial struggles.

A non-student reward is helping and learning from other teachers. I also believe that

teachers can learn from each other. The sharing of ideas can give a teacher a new outlook on an

old idea.


My teaching style can best be described as a facilitator or demonstrator that incorporates

a diversity of teaching methodologies and techniques. I am a strong promoter of hands-on

activities to spike the learning process. Engaging and not entertaining students in well-planned

lessons and using strategies that address the student’s learning style, help with increase

achievement and boost the student’s willingness to be more engaged in the learning process,

especially when it is applicable to life and they find relevancy.


My responsibility as a teacher is to instill within my students a passion for learning, to

think outside the box, open their minds as critical thinkers, while providing them with a positive

and safe environment to express and engage themselves with the tools to achieve their lofty