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JCSD Scholars Virtual Academy Guidelines and Expectations 

School Structure 

Jasper County Scholars Virtual Academy (JCSVA) students attend daily online sessions where they receive live instruction and support from teachers and have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers. While students have the freedom to complete their 100% online coursework when and where they want, instructors help keep them on track with daily reminders, check-ins, tutoring, live instruction and corrective feedback. 


Each student is assigned a homeroom teacher and a counselor to ensure academic success and support throughout their virtual learning journey. All JCSVA teachers are credentialed, highly qualified, and have the technological and instructional capacity to help each one of their students succeed academically and become college and career ready. 


Instructors lead daily live sessions to provide instruction, facilitate student collaboration, host virtual field trips and assist with projects and test preparation. The PreK-12th grade teachers won’t have a traditional classroom to manage so they will have greater availability to provide personal instruction and support to students during regular business hours. 


JCSVA students are expected to be independent and thrive in an environment of structured flexibility, individualized support and exiting digital coursework. They will receive a truly superior online learning experience at JCSVA: 


  • Personalized learning plans 
  • Individual support from highly qualified, caring teachers 
  • Rigorous and engaging digital coursework 
  • Opportunities for electives and CTE coursework via Jasper County Technical School 
  • Guidance from qualified & caring counselors 
  • Virtual & in-person field trips and events 
  • Online clubs 
  • Participation in district extracurricular activities and ceremonies 
Instructional Guidelines and Expectations
(PRE-K - 12th Grades)
Instructional Guidelines and Expectations (PRE-K - 12th grades)

Teachers will… 

  1. Submit lesson plans (See School Teacher Handbook) - Also see lesson plan template
  2. Begin will taking attendance and managing classroom participation and expectations during their presented lessons.
  3. Present and record daily “live” lessons in each content area during assigned/scheduled class times using the JCSD Instructional Framework within our district learning management systems and platforms.  Teachers will also provide small group virtual lessons during prescheduled times.
  4. Teachers would also assign additional, online assignments to students that support live lessons taught (ALEK Math, iReady Reading/Math, Imagine Learning, Achieve3000,Acellus, IXL, USA Test Prep,iRead, Open Court, Corrective Reading, Reading Mastery, Connecting Math Concepts). 
  5. Assign daily/weekly/common assessments via Mastery Connect.  Grades would need to be updated weekly inPowerTeacher. (See School Teacher Handbook for grade expectations.)
  6. Have weekly office hours for parent contact, questions, and concerns.  Maintain a weekly log of types of parent communications made.
Students will



Students will… 

  1. Students will have to come to district location for Quarterly Benchmarks and State Assessments.
  2. Sign in at expected class times daily.
  3. Complete assignments by due dates.
  4. Communicate with teacher if addition assistance is needed.
  5. Keep devices working properly or request technical assistance from JCSD.
  6. Adhere to JCSD technology acceptable use policy requirements for online learning.
  7. CTE students will have labs to complete and may have to attend district location to pick

     up/participate in labs. 

Parents will

Parents will... 

  1. Provide data access for students.
  2. Must maintain contact with students’ teachers.
  3. Regularly check studentsprogress and assignments.
  4. Attend and/or participate in virtual meetings and conferences
  5. Monitor JCSD online media for updated information.
  6. Provide transportation to students to attendin-personassessment participation (MAP, Dyslexia Screener, SC READY, EOCP, ACT, SC PASS, KRA, DIAL-4, PALS, & CTE labs. 
School Administration will



School Administration will… 

  1. Require detailed lesson plans.
  2. Establish procedures and protocols for Student/Teacher Handbooks (Office hourslesson plan expectations, etc.)
  1. Monitor virtual instruction and grades.
  2. Address parental concerns.
  3. Monitor student attendance.
  4. Recruit staff and students.
  5. Provide professional development on virtual instruction.
  6. Maintain federal and state compliance with funding and policy.
District Administration will

District Administration will… 

  1. Create and present model lesson expectations via PD
  2. Create a uniformed minimum grading expectation for each content area
  3. Provide professional development on virtual instruction
  4. Assist with marketing virtual academy
  5. Create a District testing calendar.